The athletic programs at NYHS offer students opportunities to uniquely bond with other students, as well as a place to develop skills outside of the classroom like team work and personal goal-setting. All NYHS students are required to either participate in a team sport or take PE at the SJCC.


    NYHS offers several different team sports: co-ed cross country, women's volleyball, women's basketball, men's basketball, and co-ed golf. All team sports are no-cut and all participants are welcome. Over 50% of all students participate in a team sport. 


    Click here to check out NYHS standings in the SeaTac League. Simply select the sport you wish to see at the top of the page. 


    If you have any questions, please contact Jed Davis, Athletic Director at jdavis@nyhs.org or 206-295-1212.   

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Dr. Jed Davis

Phone: 206-232-5272 x544

Email: jdavis@nyhs.org

Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. University of Wisconsin (cum laude)M.Ed. Kent State UniversityPh.D University of Michigan

Dr. Jed Davis

Athletics Director

Dr. Davis came to NYHS in 1999. At that time, Northwest Yeshiva lacked an interscholastic athletic program. He offered the school a proposal to create the much needed program. In addition, he is the first and only head girls basketball coach the school has ever had. As Athletic Director, Dr. Davis offered basketball the first year. Through the years, NYHS has offered additional sports -- cross country, golf, volleyball and track.

Northwest Yeshiva is somewhat unique. It is the only Jewish High School in Washington State. But it also offers a consistently rigorous curriculum that helps prepare students for the next level. This may seem unrelated to interscholastic athletics but, in fact, the two are inextricably intertwined. In the early years, the athletic focus was on fun.  Involvement in athletics should be fun. But as the years went on, he saw that athletic programs were only successful and meaningful if the same rigorous standards are used in both athletics and academia. As administrators discovered more than 100 years ago, good academics and good athletics always feed off each other in a positive way. The result of this realization is that NYHS makes sure our students are having fun -- but never at the expense of achieving the highest level of excellence. The result is that our programs are both successful and popular.

Our girls basketball team is the first Jewish girls team (2010) in any sport that has made it to a state championship. But we have also had multiple athletes make it to "state" in golf and track. Volleyball is the next challenge.

All three of Dr. Davis’ children attended NYHS with two graduating. The education that all three received at NYHS gave them a huge advantage in their future academic careers.

He holds the following degrees: B.A. University of Wisconsin (cum laude); M.Ed. Kent State University; Ph.D University of Michigan. in addition to his responsibilities at NYHS, he is a published author and magazine writer in the sport fishing arena. Other interests include investing, politics and filmmaking.

A sign, sent by the University of Michigan, is posted on his office wall:

"Ignorance. The only thing more expensive than education."

That is why Dr. Davis is here. It is a principle that guides his whole outlook on life.