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Grade-level advisory groups will meet weekly with two faculty members using the program Project Wayfinder. Based on the research of Dr. Bill Damon, the Director of the Stanford Adolescence Center + Wayfinder Advisory Member, Dr. Damon and his team at the Stanford Center on Adolescence lead a growing body of research that shows that young adults are stressed not just because they have too much to do, but because they don’t know why they’re doing it. At the core, Project Wayfinder helps students find meaning - an antidote to the mental health crisis plaguing the nation's youth.


Project Wayfinder combines social emotional learning (SEL), project-based learning (PBL), and real-world events to prepare high school students for life. The Project Wayfinder curriculum focuses on two key themes: Belonging and Purpose. Our NYHS Advisory will blend Project Wayfinder curriculum with our own tools to support students in their academic studies and college application journey, especially in the 11th and 12th grades.

9th Grade: Belonging

Supports students to be change agents and increase belonging with themselves, each other, and the wider world.


10th Grade: Purpose 1

Supports students to explore who they are by uncovering their personal stories and the gifts they have to offer the world.


11th Grade: Purpose 2

Supports students to consider their relationship to the world, issues they care about, and where they can contribute.


12th Grade: Purpose 3

Supports students to be change agents in their communities by equipping them with the skills to navigate their lives with purpose.

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