• Israel Counseling


    Welcome to the NYHS Israel Guidance page! We are proud that over half of NYHS’s graduates elect to spend a year in Israel before beginning college.  The year spent in Israel creates a permanent bond between our graduates and the Land of Israel.  Also, the experience facilitates the transition from life at home to independent living on a college campus.  The year in Israel helps assure that the values developed at home and at NYHS are internalized and continue to provide direction and inspiration.  


    The following are some of the services that NYHS provides:

    • We will provide counseling to students interested in study in Israel. Our counseling sessions are designed to help the student develop a clearer description of the type of program s/he is seeking.  Once this description is developed, we will help the student identify those programs most consistent with this description.
    • Throughout the fall we will host visits from many gap year programs. We will provide a forum for representatives to present their programs and interview interested students.
    • NYHS administers entrance exams for those programs that require an exam.
    • We transmit to students and parents information on available scholarships and financial aid.


    If you have any questions about the process or our Israel guidance counseling, please contact mpopper@nyhs.org.