• Overview of Judaic Studies

    The Judaic Studies curriculum at Northwest Yeshiva High School has been designed uniquely for our students. The program is responsive to the educational and intellectual needs of our students and aimed at cultivating Torah scholarship.

    Although our course offerings in Lemudai Kodesh are rather broad in their scope, there are a number of overall curriculum objectives. It is toward fulfillment of these objectives that the overall program is designed.

    • The primary objective of our curriculum is to inspire and prepare our students to be committed Jews and valuable members of their community. To accomplish this objective, we must establish within our students not only knowledge of Torah, but also a love for learning, Mitzvot, and Am Yisrael. This can be accomplished only by giving them an understanding of the Torah, and by not limiting them to rote memorization.

    • In the design of any curriculum, it is essential to distil from the vast body of knowledge encompassed by the Torah the information which is most relevant and appropriate for the students. After this determination has been made, it is the objective of the curriculum to systematically transmit to the student, as clearly and efficiently as possible, information which has been delineated.

    • Many of our students continue their Jewish education in various Yeshivot. We must, therefore, carefully consider the demands and expectations they will face as they continue their education and prepare our students in an appropriate manner.

    • It is the policy of the NYHS to instill within the students the ability and motivation to continue their studies independently. Specifically, this means emphasizing reading and translating skills and familiarizing the students in a broad sense with the various types of Torah literature, e.g., Gemara, Mishna Torah, Shulchan Aruch.