• Supporting NYHS

    At NYHS, Tuition and Fees provide more than 75% of our annual budget. Historically, Jewish education has been regarded as a communal responsibility and not merely a parental obligation. Therefore, we count on closing the budget gap through charitable contributions made to our annual fund. 

    We rely on the generous support of board members, parents, grandparents, alumni and community members to enhance our curriculum and to ensure that scholarship funds are available to students in need. 

    We thank all of our donors for their vital partnership with us.

    5 Ways to Donate

    1. Donate online
    2. Donate by phone: call 206-232-5272 ext. 515 or 206-551-9322
    3. Send in a check or credit card gift to NYHS @ 5017 90th Ave SE, MI, WA 98040
    4. Make a stock transfer.  Contact us at 206-232-5272 ext. 517 for more information.
    5. Want to stretch your gift further? Ask your company to match your donation. Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing and more will match your donation!


    We thank you for your support!  Together, we will build our Jewish future.