• NYHS is both an academic institution where students are challenged and also a cultural experience where NYHS students and staff come together in appreciation of one another. This is accomplished through multiple Shabbat experiences throughout the year. These include:

    • Family Shabbat Dinner: All members of the NYHS community – teachers, students, community leaders and their families – come together for an evening of celebration where we dine together, learn together, form new friendships and strengthen old friendships.
    • Teacher-Student Meals (fall and spring): Twice a year, teachers invite students to their homes to form a relationship with each other outside of the classroom and get know their families.
    • Mercer Island Shabbatons (winter): Two grades spend Shabbat on Mercer Island with teachers and the community of Island Synagogue to promote class unity and appreciation for the area in which our school resides.

    Shabbat NYHS programs for the 2016-2017 year:

    • September 23-24 
    • Freshmen & Sophomores December 2-3 | Click here to read the weekend recap!
    • Juniors & Seniors January 27-28 
    • April 28-29

    Register for the April 28-29 Family Shabbat Dinner & Shabbat NYHS today! Click here to register online. Click here to fill out the waiver for the Saturday night activity.

    Click here for the Shabbat NYHS photo album, where we will continue to add photos of each event as they occur!


     Shabbat NYHS Table