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Northwest Yeshiva High School appreciates and understands the significant sacrifice and financial investment each family makes in their children’s education. NYHS is committed to helping families afford an independent school education through payment plans and tuition assistance. We take pride in being a community comprised of economically diverse students and families who are committed to the Jewish values of balancing personal dignity and communal responsibility. 


* Tuition does not include costs for transportation, field trips, or after school activities.  



New Student Application: Non-refundable $75 application fee per student. Waivers for the application fee are available to those who need it. Email Admissions or call 206-232-5272 for a waiver.  


How to apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to assist with the payment of tuition. The Financial Aid Committee reviews applications to determine a family’s financial need and its potential contribution toward the cost of tuition. Financial need is defined as the difference between the cost of education and a family’s expected contribution, which is determined by taking into account income, assets, family size, debt, and necessary expenses. When calculating a family’s financial need, the Financial Aid Committee reviews all relevant tax returns and schedules, as well as the recommendation report generated with the FAST application.


Families who feel that paying for NYHS would be a financial stretch are strongly encouraged to apply for aid. A good rule of thumb is if you are in doubt, apply. Applications for financial aid are considered separately from a student’s admission application, which means that all admissions decisions are made on a “need-blind” basis. All financial aid information is kept confidential and is filed separately from student records.







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