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Class of 2023 Graduation
, June 15th
6:00 PM

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Day School Affordability

An NYHS education
may be more affordable
than you think!
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At NYHS academic excellence is simply the baseline. Our graduates attend some of the country's top colleges, but also become engaged leaders in campus life.  What's more, our dual curriculum program (secular and Judaic studies), prepares our students to conduct themselves with integrity, empathy, and confidence.  



NYHS allows students to refine their sense of self through rigorous academics taught by faculty who are committed to the school’s values, to ethical action, and to tikkun olam (repairing the world). We seek students who demonstrate academic ability, intrinsic motivation, intellectual curiosity, and good citizenship, and students who will enhance our community through their unique and individual talents.



Northwest Yeshiva High School is the only accredited Jewish high school to offer a dual curriculum in the Northwest. Our students are inspired, guided, and advised as they explore the world around them through rigorous academic coursework and religious studies. NYHS students are scholars with SAT scores on par with the top independent schools in our region and are accepted at top universities.  Students also grow personally, religiously, and spiritually, leaving NYHS better prepared with the confidence and skills to meet the challenges ahead and with a desire to actively be engaged in Jewish life, a love for the land of Israel, and a deep commitment for tikkun olam (to repair the world). 

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