Northwest Yeshiva High School challenges students to excel and encourages them to be intellectually active, creative, and self-directed. Students and teachers work as partners, collaborating both formally and informally to establish a vibrant educational community that values academic curiosity and fosters confidence and initiative. This atmosphere of learning is the result of mutual respect, constructive challenge, individual attention, and commitment to supporting student growth.


From the classroom to the laboratory, faculty use a variety of teaching methods to sharpen critical thinking skills and accommodate different learning styles. Courses across the curriculum are a harmonious balance of seminar-style and experiential learning, in which students gain experience in precisely reading, listening, speaking, and doing.


Graduation requirements are comprehensive and rigorous. Honors and the University of Washington in the High School courses allow students to progress at a rate appropriate to their abilities and interests. Our dual curriculum approach to traditional and Judaic academic disciplines encourages students to explore all areas of learning and the extraordinary enrichment opportunities that NYHS provides to ensure an uncommonly, exciting educational experience.


NYHS students are supported by faculty and staff who possess outstanding experience and credentials in their fields as well as a real passion for educating young people. Our teachers inspire students, connecting with them inside and outside of the classroom walls as educators, advisors, and coaches. An ongoing professional development program supports our faculty at all stages of their careers in areas such as pedagogy, inclusion and equity, technology, and discipline-specific knowledge.