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Dear NYHS Community,


We hope that this letter finds you and your families well. The past six months have been difficult for all of us, for our Jewish community and for our world.


Last night, the NYHS board “gathered” to do our part to help our families and our community in these turbulent times. With tremendous gratitude to the vision and generosity of our benefactor, Jack Greenberg z”l, we have committed to allocating a one time COVID Relief grant of $5,000 for each NYHS student from our J-Z Greenberg Foundation Grants. These one time Jack & Zeana Greenberg Grants are for every student enrolled at NYHS for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year regardless of tuition level. 



כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה


We are all responsible for one another.



Jack Greenberg z’l, would often share with those of us who had the honor to know him, how he and many others were deprived of a Jewish education during the Great Depression. Our hope is to ensure that nobody has to sacrifice Jewish education during this pandemic. Our hope is to help our community to heal and to grow stronger together. The NYHS board is committed to ensuring that your child’s Jewish education does not become a casualty of this crisis.  


At NYHS, we are entrusted with educating your children for the mutual benefit of Klal Yisrael, the Jewish people. We take this awesome and holy responsibility very seriously. We remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver the highest quality education to every one of our students. We are further investing in professional development and emotional wellness support for our students and teachers to ensure that every student receives an unparalleled high school education despite the uncertain times in which we are living. NYHS prides itself on the value of building community and that connecting with our students and with our families is foundational to meaningful learning. This pandemic has taught us that though we might not be able to physically stand shoulder to shoulder, in the spirit of Jack Greenberg’s vision, we must always stand united.


Please review the FAQs we prepared below in anticipation of your questions.

Jason Feld

Head of School

Iris Schwartz


Aaron Sandorffy

Vice President



Does this apply if I pay full tuition?

Yes. It applies to every one of our students.


What if I already received my tuition assessment through FAST?

Your total will now be $5000 less per student thanks to the Jack & Zeana Greenberg Grant. 


What if I have more than one child at NYHS?

Multiply the grant by the number of children you have at NYHS and apply it to your tuition. The $5000 grant applies to each student, no matter how many students your family has at NYHS.


What if I am still in the FAST tuition assessment process?

We assure you that the Jack & Zeana Greenberg Grant will in no way negatively impact or be calculated into your assessment through Fast. When you receive your FAST assessment, you can subtract $5000 per NYHS student to calculate your tuition.  



The Smith Family is assessed at $16,000 for one child. If they apply for the Greenberg Grant, their total tuition bill will be $11,000. The Jones Family is assessed at $10,000 for two NYHS students. If they apply for the Greenberg Grant, their tuition will be $0


How do I take advantage of this generous gift?

Just send in your registration today. If you have any questions, please contact us at


What if my assessed tuition is less than $5000?

Your tuition balance will be $0. 


What if I have already signed and returned my tuition contract?

NYHS will be in touch with you to adjust your contract and payment schedule.


Does this impact grants from the Samis Foundation?

No. The Samis Foundation is a very generous partner to NYHS and to our community. They grant NYHS over $1million dollars in operating funds and grants that are earmarked for technology, special needs and excellence. NYHS is able to deliver high quality education with our amazing and dedicated faculty because of the Samis Foundation’s commitment and generous support. Sam Israel A’H was a visionary who wanted his legacy to ensure that children have access to Jewish education. We owe our school, and the education that our children receive, to the visionary leadership of Sam Israel z”l, together with all of the donors who invest in our students: the future of the Jewish community.  


Who was Jack Greenberg z”l?

Jack and his wife, Zeana, were long time members of the Seattle Jewish community. Their three children, now grown and with children and grandchildren of their own, grew up in Seattle. Jack was very proud of the role he played in establishing the Seattle Hebrew Academy as the first full time Jewish day school in Seattle instead of the part-time Talmud Torah it once was. Jack’s beloved wife, Zeana died in 2002 after a lengthy illness. After her death, Jack continued to devote himself to activist causes including support for Israel and Jewish education. He was a long time and very generous supporter of NYHS. Jack was passionate about many things and put his passion into action. On his last visit to NYHS in February of 2018, he met with Mr. Feld and our students to learn about NYHS’s new and comprehensive Israel curriculum. He shared his philosophy that students must learn history but also be knowledgeable about the current landscape, politics and all. He believed the purpose of Jewish education was to inspire action. Jack would have encouraged all of us to learn from our past to confront our present and shape our future. Jack set up a foundation, the JZ Greenberg Foundation, for the sole purpose of supporting NYHS and SHA after his death. May Jack and Zeana’s memories be for a blessing.

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