Graduation Requirements

New graduation requirements mandated by the Washington State Board of Education requires students in the Class of 2021 and beyond to earn 24 credits to graduate. Students in the Class of 2019 and 2020 must earn 21 credits to graduate.​ The Board of Education designed the new requirements to be both rigorous and flexible, and to support the vision of an educational system that prepares all students for college, career, and life.

Judaic Studies

4 Years Tanach / Bible

4 Years Talmud / Rabbinics

4 Years Jewish History (including World Jewish History I and II, Israel and Modern Middle East, and Modern Jewish History)

3 Years Hebrew Language

Social Studies- 3 Years - 

Sequence- Includes the Jewish History sequence from above, Civics, US History, and Senior Seminar. 

Elective Credits- 4 Credits

Our Judaic curriculum fulfills this but other options also include Journalism,  Digital Arts, and Yearbook. 

English - 4 Years

Sequence English I, English II, UW 131 Writing and Composition (2019 /2020 will offer a second year of UW curriculum for seniors), Creative Writing

Science- 3 Years

Sequence- Biology, Chemistry, Physics and/or UW Physiology, and STEM (which is offered as an elective). 2 years or coursework need to be of a lab science such as Biology or Chemistry. 

Art - 2 Credits

Fine Art, Art of Digital Design, and STEM all count towards art credit.

Math- 3 Years

Sequence- Geometry, Algebra II,

Pre-Calculus, Calculus or UW Calculus. 

Foreign Language- 2 Years

This is covered by our Hebrew classes under Judaic Studies. 

PE - 2 Credits

This can either be satisfied through participation in NYHS team sports or through independent study.