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Welcome to your senior year! This will be an exciting and emotional year as you complete the final leg of your K-12 journey and make plans about where you’ll be next fall. Work hard this year and finish strong, you’ll be thankful you did in June.


  • REGISTER FOR FALL TESTS: If you have not already, register for any tests you plan to take this fall, make sure you are taking the appropriate tests for the schools you are applying to.

  • LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: If necessary, request letters of recommendation from teachers and confirm letters are in progress.

  • ESSAYS: Continue to work on your essays and supplemental questions.

  • COLLEGE VISITS: Attend college admission representative visits to help finalize your list of schools and gain information on schools you have decided to apply to; take every opportunity to get as much information as possible.

  • BY OCTOBER 1ST: Complete any forms required by your counselor for letters of recommendation and counselor reports; counselors will send their letters of recommendation and school reports to all applicable schools.


  • TESTS: If you have registered for any tests give it your best shot, this will be one of the last opportunities to take the ACT and/or SAT before applying.

  • EARLY DECISION AND EARLY ACTION: If you are planning to apply early decision or early action make sure to send your application before the deadline; also make a request for your transcripts to be sent.

  • APPLICATIONS: Continue working on your application essays. Keep track of each component of all your applications and make sure they are completed on time; an incomplete application will be rejected.

  • FINAL COLLEGE LIST: If you haven’t already finalized the list of colleges you will be applying to, now is the time to do so. If you’re having trouble, come see Mrs. Gee.

  • CSS PROFILE: Confirm if any schools you are applying to require the CSS Profile for financial Aid and make note of the deadline this must be filed by.


  • TESTS: If necessary, register and take the December SAT or ACT. This will be your last chance to take these tests for the current admission cycle.

  • APPLICATIONS: Complete your applications for college admissions and request to have transcripts sent. Also confirm your test scores have been sent. Make sure these are submitted completely and on time! Monitor your applications to be sure each school receives everything necessary (letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test scores etc.)

  • RESEARCH FINANCIAL AID: There are a variety and plethora of scholarships available each year and many go unclaimed. Research online or come to the College Counselor for resources on finding and applying for scholarships and financial aid.

  • FASFA: Submit your FASFA (Free Application for Financial Aid) after January 1st .

  • EARLY DECISION: If you have been admitted to a college through early decision, you need to notify the other schools you have applied to and submit all necessary forms to the college you will be attending. Congratulations!

  • MID-YEAR GRADES: If your school requests mid-year grades, make sure these are sent on time.


  • FAFSA: If you completed the FASFA, you should be receiving a Student Aid Report. Look over this carefully for accuracy as an error could cost you thousands of dollars. Contact FAFSA right away if there are any errors.

  • APPLICATIONS: Confirm all the colleges you have applied to have sent a receipt of application; if you haven’t received this from any of your schools, follow up and make sure all components of your application were received. Do this well in advance of the due date so you have time to follow up on any possible missing pieces. Also, for any schools with rolling or late deadlines- do not put off applying! Spaces will fill up, so turn in your application early.

  • DECISIONS: Acceptance letters will begin to arrive. Think critically about where you’d like to be in the fall and what school is best aligned with your goals and personality. Compare your financial aid packages and ideally visit the campus before making any decisions. 

    • If you are waitlisted, find out more about the waitlist process at your particular school, but also begin to move ahead with other plans; you can always come back to this school if you get off the waitlist 

    • If you have ruled out any colleges which have accepted you notify them; this is a courtesy to other applicants and it will help colleges manage their waitlists and extend the correct number of acceptance letters.

  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Now that you have completed most, if not all of your applications, shift your focus to working on finding and applying for scholarships. Come see Mrs. Gee for assistance and resources.

  • OPEN HOUSES: Some colleges will host open houses for admitted students, attend these when applicable as this is a good opportunity to get information about registering for housing, campus life and how to prepare for the fall.

  • MAY 1ST: Most schools have a decision and deposit deadline of May 1st. Formally accept your offer of admission as instructed by your school and submit your housing application if you plan to live on campus in the fall. Formally accept any offers of financial aid, not doing so will result in you losing your financial aid.

  • DEFERRAL: If you plan on attending a gap year program you will need to send an official deferral letter to your school. Check in with your admissions counselor to see what needs to be done before the end of the school year.


  • FINISH STRONG: Keep your grades up through graduation, you do not want to have your college acceptance rescinded because of poor end of the year performance.

  • FINAL TRANSCRIPTS: Request your final transcripts and any necessary end of the year reports sent to your college.

  • THANK YOU’S: Send thank you notes to anyone who helped you in your application process; they would love to hear where you have decided to go in the fall.

  • SCHOLARSHIPS AND LOANS: Continue to work on procuring scholarships and loans, update your college with any scholarships you receive.

  • GRADUATE: Enjoy and celebrate your accomplishments and success with your family, classmates and the NYHS faculty. On behalf of everyone at Northwest Yeshiva High School, we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!

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